Lamborghini SUV Confirmed For Beijing Debut

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

After much speculation, Lamborghini has finally officially confirmed development and production for its new super-SUV, its first truck since the original Rambo Lambo LM002.

According to a well-placed source at Audi, its Italian supercar subsidiary is hard at work on the project and are aiming to make a grand unveiling of its brand new SUV/crossover concept for the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The Audi manager could provide little information but did respond, “I can’t comment in detail but the speculation in the press is largely correct.” Lamborghini itself has yet to make any statements.

Initial speculations on the Lambo-ute suggested a version of the V10 powerplant sourced from the Gallardo. What’s more, while alternative-energy power plants go against the Italian supercarmaker’s traditions, a possible hybrid drivetrain capable of 700-hp has also been rumored. As an upmarket competitor rivaling the high performance Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Kubang, as well as the statement making BMW X6, the new Lamborghini SUV is projected to produce less than 1,500 examples a year and is expected to command a steep retail price no less than $200,000 in North America.

During the 2008 Paris Auto Show, Lamborghini revealed a sleek four-door Estoque and although Lamborghini denies the concept will make it to production, a successful Lamborghini SUV just might make room for a sedan as the fourth model in the line-up.

[Source: Autoweek]

Danny Choy
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