MINI Clubvan Concept Leaked: Geneva Motor Show Preview

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande
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MINI was set to announce later today that their Clubvan concept will debut on March 6 at the Geneva Auto Show, showcasing a marriage between fun and functionality, which is something this car employs at its core. (Photos and info have, however, leaked ahead of a scheduled embargo.)

It does so by axing the interior MINI fans are familiar with in favor of a closed-off rear area designed for cargo. The rear windows are opaque and give the car a van-like look that justifies its namesake.

While it might not be the sort of vehicle you can carry a few friends in, the company’s latest concept promises business-oriented customers a practical solution to small cargo transportation. The concept’s five-door setup is meant to be practical yet stylish with double swinging rear doors, a driver’s side and passenger door and a suicide-style fifth door to allow easy access to all parts of the cargo bed without the need to crawl in.

Inside that cargo cabin, customers can expect hooks at varying levels meant for straps or rope to keep things from clunking around during the drive.

People sitting in one of the car’s two seats get the benefit of a metal mesh divider to keep wayward items from falling in their laps while still being able to see whatever they’re transporting.

Should the concept come to be, customers can also expect a line of pre-made shelves and drawers meant to fit in the cabin for additional storage practicality as well as 12-volt outlets in the cargo section.

We’ll be in Geneva next month bringing you this and the other debuts as they happen.

GALLERY: MINI Clubvan concept

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Luke Vandezande
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