Pirelli and Burton Team Up to Create Unique Snowboarding Gear

Pirelli and Burton Team Up to Create Unique Snowboarding Gear

Tire manufacturer Pirelli has teamed up with Burton for some unique snowboarding gear that was recently unveiled at the International Snow Sports Tradeshow. The collaboration resulted in the 2013 Burton Ion snowboard boot and an exclusive snowboard and binding.

The Ion snowboard boot features a Pirelli outsole and will be available worldwide next fall. By taking advantage of its tire manufacturing experience, Pirelli created an exclusive rubber compound for Burton, built specifically to meet the demands of riding. The outsole even features a snow tire-inspired tread designed for superior traction.

The limited edition snowboard and binding will only be sold through the Pirelli Corso Venezia in Milan beginning this fall. Both the snowboard and binding sport Pirelli’s distinctive gold and black accents, inspired by the motorsports world of the 1970s. Pricing was not announced on the new gear.

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