2013 Scion FR-S: No Tuner Special for US Market

When Toyota announced that the GT 86 would be available as a bare bones model ready for customization, tuners everywhere rejoiced. Unfortunately for Americans, we won’t be getting the option to buy a stripped down Scion FR-S.

The Toyota GT 86 RC will be sold without painted bumpers, air conditioning, or even an audio system, which is great for those who love customizing their cars, or even someone on a tight budget. When first announced, Toyota didn’t specify about the FR-S getting the same treatment. We know now that it will not.  Thanks to the strong Yen and weak American dollar Toyota says that it will likely lose money on a stripped down version of the FR-S in America, so it will not be produced.

We’re groaning a little too, but then again Toyota confirmed that the FR-S will start under $30,000, which is a small price to pay for a new performance car, especially one that we were so enthused by during our review and first drive.

[Source: Automotive News]