Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach to Auction… a Submarine


Barrett-Jackson is famous for its highly-televised classic car auctions, selling off popular retro machines ranging from Chevy Bel Airs to Pontiac GTOs. But this is a first.

Hitting the auction stage at the upcoming Palm Beach, FL, event is… a submarine – and a home-made one at that. The Kittredge K350 1ATM sub is 14 feet in length and the hull is three feet in diameter. There’s space inside for two and it can dive to a depth of 350 feet – so don’t plan any James Cameron-style adventures to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Still, you’re not likely to find a ’69 Mustang that can say the same.

The Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction kicks off April 5-7th. Oh, and the sub does come with the trailer.

GALLERY: Kittredge K350 1ATM Submarine


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Topquad says:

Did this sell already?