‘Batman’ Lamborghini Police Dash Cam Video Released

Last week a video and pictures of Batman driving a Lamborghini surfaced on the internet, along with photos of him being pulled over by police.

Later that day it came to light that the costumed driver wasn’t a whacko, but in fact a philanthropist on his way to visit children in a local hospital. Despite having the facts, we were still curious to hear the conversation that transpired between the boys in blue and Gotham’s own vigilante.

Finally, we’ve had that chance. The dash cam video surfaced on YouTube today from the cruiser that performed the traffic stop. As we reported last week, the police noticed there weren’t tags on the car and pulled it over.

Before exiting the cruiser, the officer joked with his dispatcher that he might need Robin and backup. A friendly conversation ran its course and after showing all the necessary information the police took a quick shot with the man and sent him on his way.

It turns out that this is the same individual who got a flat tire while dressed as a Lambo-driving Batman last Halloween. You can watch the video of Batman’s latest cop encounter below.

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