CODA Automotive Officially Begins Selling in California

CODA Automotive Officially Begins Selling in California

Last week, CODA Automotive began production on its electric sedan and now the Los Angeles-based automaker has begun selling in their home state of California.

The CODA sedan easily fits five and is based on the Chinese market Hafei Saibao. Priced at $35,200, the EV is competitive especially considering that it offers up to a 125-mile range on a single charge. The first 500 retail vehicles will come with limited-edition features to prove that early adopters have one of the first CODAs to hit the road.

Unlike traditional automakers, CODA is selling their EVs through unique, mall-based showrooms in addition to conventional dealerships. Last year, CODA celebrated the opening of their first dealership in a Los Angeles mall.

Even though pricing has CODA’s vehicles in an entirely different market, we hope that they have better luck in the near future than what Fisker has ran into recently.

[Source: CNet]