2012 CODA EV Production has Officially Begun

2012 CODA EV Production has Officially Begun

While many EV start ups struggle to actually make a series production vehicle, Los Angeles based CODA Automotive has announced that production of it’s 2012 electric sedan is now officially underway.

Indeed the very first example, a silver four-door, rolled off the assembly line yesterday. Not surprisingly, the executive chairman of CODA Holdings, Mac Heller, was ecstatic. “This is an incredibly exciting day for the CODA family and the EV community,” he declared. “Since day one, we’ve been dedicated to designing an electric car that provides the amenities that the American driver has come to expect, such as range, torque, and value.”

The 2012 CODA sedan is an electrified version of the Chinese market Hafei Saibao mid-size sedan, sporting a 31 kW/h lithium ion iron phosphate battery pack, which the company says gives it a range of up to 125 miles on a single charge.

In addition, an onboard 6.6 kW charging capability, is said to deliver a full charge in six hours using level 2 (240-volt) charging apparatus.

[Source: EGM Car Tech]