Mazda CX-5 Initial Demand is Promising Says President

Mazda CX-5 Initial Demand is Promising Says President

Mazda has a lot riding on its new CX-5, discontinuing the CX-7 to make way for it. But according to the Japanese automaker’s president, Takashi Yamanouchi, initial demand for the model is strong and he even went so far as to “hope to sell near 200,000 units.”

According to Mazda, it received 8,000 CX-5 orders in Japan where the target was a mere 1,000 units. Russian consumers already ordered 5,000 units and even in America, where dealers tend to have larger inventories, a few orders have been placed. It’s worth noting that American dealerships just began receiving CX-5s to their dealerships a few weeks ago, while other global markets have had it on sale for a few months.

The CX-5 actually proved to be a decent performance machine, as crossovers go, during out review which took place partially on Mazda’s Laguna Seca Raceway. With a class-leading 35 mpg highway when mated to the six-speed manual transmission, it seems likely that the CX-5 will catch on in the U.S. too.

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