MotorStorm RC for Sony PS Vita Free, Courtesy of Scion – Video

There is probably no better way to attract the attention of a different demographic than by offering something for free. And gamers love free things, especially when it’s an actual game.

Sony’s newest portable handheld, the PS Vita, has only been in America for less than a month and Japanese automaker Scion has cleverly teamed up with Sony to sponsor the MotorStorm RC game for the PS Vita, and making it free for a limited time. And this isn’t just some cheesy demo with a limited playtime or courses to race through, this is the full game for free.

But of course Scion has to get something out of this, and that would be the inclusion of the custom RC version of a Scion iQ in the game. We’re not even going to complain about that, since it’s just additional content that’s free.

MotorStorm RC packs 16 unique tracks with four different racing environments as players race with radio-controlled vehicles with hundreds of customization options. Sony didn’t announce how long the promotion will be running for, so if you’ve got yourself a PS Vita, you better head off to the PlayStation Store as quickly as possible to snag yourself a free game.

It’s also 646 MB, for those wondering how much space it’ll take up on your precious, overly priced, and proprietary memory card.

Watch a video about MotorStorm RC after the break.

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