Nürburgring Clone May Come to Las Vegas


Las Vegas is one of America’s largest tourist attractions, with themed-hotels that ironically replicate landmarks of countries that tourists are probably visiting from. Nonetheless, it’s the one place Americans can all trek to without having to leave the country to experience a diverse amount of cultures, even if they’re not very accurate.

And now, Bruton Smith who is the CEO of Speedway Motorsports, wishes to clone another one of European’s infamous landmarks in Las Vegas – but not quite what you may be thinking. Instead of building a billion-dollar casino, Smith is aspiring to clone the infamous Nürburgring, 10 or so miles from Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

In an interview with Sirius XM Sports, Smith admitted that he has been in talks with “some Germans” on duplicating the Ring in Nevada and has already approached the Governor and the Nevada Bureau of Land Management for the 8,000 acres he’ll need. Smith also mentioned that if the product was to be completed, the ‘Ring clone would just be for test track usage for individuals and manufacturers’.

We already bet many American automakers would be onboard with something like this. They would save money on shipping out a crew and car to Europe just to test it on the real Nürburgring. It’ll be interesting if this project takes off and Vegas gets to add yet another landmark plucked from the Europeans.

[Source: SiriusXM Sports]