Watch $150 Million Worth Of Ferraris Hit the Road at the Amelia Island Concours – Video

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

To the person (or persons) holding the golden ticket to the $640 million Megamillions Lottery jackpot: here’s a way for you to spend the money.

Last month, a special Ferrari 250 GTO sold for a record $31.8 million US dollars, making it the most valuable Ferrari in the world. Now, imagine a parade full of valuable classic Ferrari GTOs traveling at speed in two lane back roads.

The following video beautifully captures the sights and sounds as a convoy of fire breathing Italian red heads travel along to the annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. What’s more, feast your eyes on other rare metals present at the venue as well.

Enjoy the video below:

Danny Choy
Danny Choy

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  • Justin Justin on Mar 31, 2012

    Hey Danny, Thanks for posting this! It was a blast to be there and shoot these amazing machines. I hope other people enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers! Justin Lapriore