Carroll Shelby Addresses Health Concerns on Facebook

Carroll Shelby Addresses Health Concerns on Facebook

Among the notable names in the automotive industry, Carroll Shelby’s is easily one of the most recognizable. Known for his racing career and for his prowess as an auto tuner and businessman, he is a storied hero to many enthusiasts.

That’s why it’s particularly stinging to think his health might be in jeopardy. He turns 90 in January and has been in and out of the hospital, leaving many to fear the worst.

Those concerns didn’t go without Shelby’s recognition. He addressed the issue today through Facebook in a brief statement that you can read below.

“There have been some rumors about my health lately. So I wanted to clear them up. 

I’ve been in the hospital over the last several months with pneumonia. But I’m resting comfortably with my family and working on getting better. My kids are taking good care of me. 

I am sorry that I can’t make any appearances right now. If you want someone from Shelby at an event in my place, contact Scott Black at TimePiece PR in Dallas. He’ll give those requests to my team, who will determine the right person to represent me.

I also have asked them to post on my behalf to keep you up to date. 

Thanks for the all good wishes and thoughts.”

[Source: Facebook]