Cheating Men Prefer Toyotas


A car choice can reveal a lot about a personality, sometimes even showing off traits that you may not want to broadcast in public.

According to a study conducted by dating website, married men who drive Toyotas and married women who drive Hondas are the most likely to be cheaters in a marriage.

The site polled 3,600 of its users and found a trend in the cars they drive. Toyotas were chosen by 20.9 percent of  men, and Honda’s were the car of choice for 22.3 percent of women.Coming in at fifth on the list were the only two luxury car brands that made the top ten, with BMW being preferred by 6.4 percent of men and Mercedes-Benz being the vehicle of choice for 6.6 percent of unfaithful women.

Apparently black is the color of choice for the spouse, as 29.3 percent of polled cheaters drive black cars.

According to the site, the trend towards driving foreign automobiles among cheaters if suspected to stem from Japanese cars sexier design, sexier than what, we’re not sure.

We are, on the other hand, a little more wary of black Toyotas and Hondas sitting through midday in our driveways.