Custom Rear-Drive Pontiac Grand Am Drag Racer is Awesome, But Ugly

Custom Rear-Drive Pontiac Grand Am Drag Racer is Awesome, But Ugly

Every custom car project should begin with a vision of not only what the end result should look like, but what its purpose will be. While this 1986 Pontiac Grand Am clearly has some excellent fabrication work and high-quality parts, the finished product is one confused project.

Even though you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover”, it’s difficult not to with this atrocious paint and graphics scheme. The funky “Lemon Ice” exterior shade with mismatching purple, green, gray, and baby blue all over isn’t doing the car any favors.

And the big question is whether or not this is a full-blown drag car or show car. Built by Smitty’s Automotive, which has completed several fine projects that were a hair away from winning the coveted Ridler award, there’s no doubt that this Grand Am has some top-notch work in it. Under the hood is a Chevy LS6 big block that pumps out an estimated 600-hp. Mated to a GM TH400 three-speed automatic, it’s clear that the powertrain components were built to take some serious quarter-mile abuse.

Combine that with the mild steel chassis and fully custom suspension, it leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that this thing should be running some serious ETs. But alas, the build supposedly cost over $300,000 and took more than eight years to complete and hasn’t been shown once since it was finished.

Now for the show pieces: the front end is a custom one-piece fiberglass piece featuring 24k gold-plated Dzus fasteners. Everything imaginable underneath the car and under the hood has been meticulously polished to a brilliant, shiny finish including the Billet Specialties GTX20 wheels. Even the lug nuts are polished aluminum.

The interior is just as intricate and flawless, with plenty of custom fabricated pieces that any project would die for.

Knowing that the vehicle took eight years to finish, the paint job appears to be conjured up eight years ago as well. The asking price is a mere $49,900 which really is a bargain for what you’re getting, even if it’s hard to get past the fact that it’s so ugly. Hopefully the new owner takes it straight to the paint booth.

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[Source: RK Motors]