Disney Reveals Revamped Epcot Center Test Track Amusement Ride

Disney Reveals Revamped Epcot Center Test Track Amusement Ride

Having renewed its long-term business relationship with GM, Walt Disney Land has renovated, or “re-imagined”, an older test track feature at Epcot for a more up-to-date experience.

With an atmosphere that combines Tron themes and the appearances of a development lab, the new ride incorporates a new design center concept that allows visitors to design and create their own GM vehicles. Guests use interactive design and styling workstations to come up with their own prototypes, and will later hop aboard to experience their thrilling creation first-hand on the twisting and turning Test Track. After the ride, participants can also make their own pretend commercial, or take a picture with the new car.

Sponsored by Chevrolet, the ride is intended to provide a fun learning experience, sharing a look inside the process of vehicle testing and development.

Expect the new Epcot Center Test Track to be revealed this fall. To car enthusiasts planning a fun trip to Orlando, don’t miss out!

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