German Scientists Working on True All Weather Tire

Tires are an integral part of our vehicles, but people living in snowy climates know how annoying it can be to swap between a set of winter and summer tires. Those woes could be over if a new product proves to be road-worthy.

A team of German scientists at Leipzig University developing the world’s first “intelligent” tire that will automatically adapt itself to whatever weather condition you’re driving in. Sound like science fiction? It’s not. The tire is equipped with a collection of electronic sensors that recognize different terrain, allowing it to adjust its profile even when the car is in motion.

The goal is to equip a vehicle with an end-all product that will not only ensure safe driving conditions no matter the weather, but will also optimize fuel efficiency with minimal road noise. The team will be unveiling its tire concept at this year’s Hanover Fair, which is the world’s largest industrial fair, in Northern Germany next week.

Unfortunately it’ll be quite some time before we see the product make it to market. Research to source the materials needed to change the tire’s profile on the fly is ongoing.