Jaguar Announces Two New Engines, 380 HP Confirmed for F-Type


Following the industry trend toward smaller, more efficient engines, Jaguar just announced its plan to offer two new engines, one of which will make its way into the new F-Type roadster

A 3.0-liter supercharged V6 will sit under the F-Type’s hood to produce 380 hp. Using the same aluminum architecture currently found in the brand’s V8 engines, the company said the new V6 will perform comparably to its naturally aspirated V8 brother. Spray-guided direct injection will also help to keep power delivery smooth.

Even with its high output, the engine is expected to manage reasonable fuel economy thanks to an eight-speed automatic transmission, which will feature wide-spread gear ratios to give the F-Type a long-legged driving feel. That fuel economy will be further aided by a high compression ratio and start/stop technology that uses a twin solenoid starter capable of starting the car faster than the driver can move from the brake to gas pedal.

The second engine being introduced is a 2.0-liter supercharged inline four cylinder that follows the V6 with the same aluminum construction and eight-speed automatic transmission. Making 240 hp at 5,500 rpms, the engine offers a new peak in efficiency, thanks in part to a new friciton-reducing coating inside the cylinders.

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