Jon Olsson’s PPI Audi R8 Razor GTR in Stunning Detail

Jon Olsson’s PPI Audi R8 Razor GTR in Stunning Detail

In the skiing world Jon Olsson is known for innovating new tricks, in the automotive world he’s known for taking supercars through weather that might make some SUV drivers cringe.

Earlier this month we brought you a story about Olsson’s latest toy: a PPI Design Audi R8 Razor GTR. We knew the car would be light (roughly 1,320 lbs), but information beyond that and the three pictures he released was unavailable.

Now we have the full details and a host of gorgeous detail shots to boot. After undergoing major surgery, the vehicle is wider than a Bugatti Veyron and has the same power-to-weight ratio as an R8 LMS race car. According to PPI, when Olsson first saw the finished work a steady stream of excited expletives flowed from his mouth as he found it hard to contain

PPI managed to tune more than 600 hp out of the V10 engine, though that was the least of the changes. Every body panel was replaced with heavy weave carbon fiber to shave pounds. Even the window glass was replaced to cut weight. The ski box found on top of the car, which is one of Olsson’s requirements, is also bespoke. It featured LED lighting and a ski boot warmer that runs off an independent power source.

The car is also well-protected against the elements with 10 layers of clear coat over the paint and three over the emblems. That would be overkill for most, but not Olsson who drives his supercars like exotic snow plows regardless of their racing pedigree.

Everything inside the car is also custom made, including lightweight seats wrapped in leather and tailored to fit his form. All the standard aluminum and plastic was also replaced with carbon fiber, making this an even more extensive example of the material than the Koenigsegg Agera R we saw last month in Geneva.

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