Lamborghini Huracán Name Trademarked for New Vehicle

Lamborghini names its cars after famous fighting bulls, or at least that is what they used to do, as the latest name that the company has trademarked is Huracán.

Huracán derives from the name of the Mayan God of wind, storm and fire, a suitable combination of elements when you compare them to the fierce experience that is driving a Lamborghini. It also falls in line with one of the last names that the automaker protected with a trademark, which was “Deimos“, as they both represent powerful mythological Gods.

The production vehicle on which the Huracán badge will show up is the biggest mystery. It could be the final production version of the Urus, it could also be the Gallardo successor, or it could be on an entirely new concept car that we have yet to hear of.

One of the Urus SUV teasers shows earth, wind, fire and water coming together to make the Lambo SUV, so the name Huracán, which represents the Mayan God of the elements seems to be the most likely fit.

It appears that Lamborghini is taking on a new naming scheme with the latest two trademarked names, so it will be interesting to see if they stick with it in the future.