Land Rover Looking to Move Up-Market with More Expensive Models

The luxury SUV market is slowly but surely growing, and customer demand for these premium vehicles is causing companies like Lamborghini and Maserati to listen up and take notice. With the Range Rover, Land Rover has always had a premium offering in the upscale SUV market, but now with added competition the English marque is planning on pushing into a higher snack bracket.

Land Rover tested the market in 2011 with the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition, an SUV that was produced for a limited run of 500 and sold for over $100,000. The 500 that were produced were all sold within months, confirming to the company that there is a need for an expensive ultra luxury SUV.

Land Rover brand director John Edwards said, “The top model before that was £90k, so it could have been interesting. But they all went straight out of the door. The rush in China, Russia and Middle East was huge, and the UK exceeded forecasts, too.”

The next generation Land Rover is under production, and should be revealed to us by the end of 2013 with a considerable amount added to the price.

[Source: AutoCar]