Mercedes-Benz SLC Small Sports Car Confirmed for Production

Mercedes-Benz SLC Small Sports Car Confirmed for Production

We have heard rumors of a downsized SLS sports car from Mercedes-Benz, and today the company has confirmed that it will build the car,called the SLC, with the aim to compete directly with the Porsche 911. 

Following in the path of the SLS AMG(shown above), the new small SLC will likely be badged as an AMG standalone product, much the same as Dodge did by branding its new Viper as an SRT product. The SLC will be close in size and price to the Porsche 911, and is meant to keep Mercedes up to the times as they do not offer a mid-size front engine sports car right now that truly competes with the 911, while both of their major German rivals do.

Along with confirming the new small sports car, Mercedes head of design, Gorden Wagener, told Auto Express that the new small coupe that will be based on the Concept Style Coupe will be called the CLA. He also revealed that Mercedes has plans for expansion at the low end of the market, with SLC and CLA, as well as the ultra-luxury high end of the market with a new car that will replace the now defunct Maybach.

The SLC may be powered by an all-new 4.0 litre V8, and might even receive a V6 variant in an attempt to keep costs low. The gullwing doors on the SLS will not be making it to the small sports car, as it needs to remain competitive in price.

The SLC should make its debut in 2014, and watch for it to cost somewhere just under $100,000.

[Source: Auto Express]