Mercedes CLA Interior Teased in Design Video

A seemingly pointless video released on the official Mercedes-Benz YouTube channel might not be so irrelevant after all. The video features fashion critic Luke Leitch commenting on design and style… the suit making the man and all that.

There are plenty of shady shots and clips of materials being cut and sewn. Most are traditional Mercedes-Benz stuff and then, at the every end, there’s a quick shot (above) of some rather wild black Alcantara with neon green piling and stitching.

The video comes our way just ahead of an important date, the start of this year’s Avant/Garde Diaries event in Los Angeles, which according to Mercedes will host, “the artistic staging of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe.” Presumably, that coupe is the baby CLS, known as the Mercedes CLA (or CLC). And possibly (yes, we’re working with a lot of assumptions here), that black and neon interior is that of the CLA/CLC.

With the event set to begin April 20th and run until May 6th, look for a reveal of something provocatively new from Mercedes soon.

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