Porsche V8 Cayenne Diesel Coming but Not to the US

Porsche‘s announcement that a Cayenne Diesel will finally be available to U.S. buyers was fairly big news at this year’s New York Auto Show. However, we’ve now learned that the Stuttgart automaker plans to introduce a more powerful oil burning SUV, a V8 diesel Cayenne S.

Details are still rather sketchy on exactly which engine it will use. While the existing V8 diesel used by Audi for its A8 flagship might seem the most logical choice, it’s getting on in years and with looming tighter emissions standards in Europe it probably won’t make the cut.

A better bet is a future V8 diesel likely in development for Bentley’s upcoming SUV, though exactly what displacement, features and power output it will possess is still unknown.

One thing’s pretty much certain: Whenever this new V8 Cayenne Diesel does arrive it won’t make it to our shores. Car and Driver reports that the costs to make it comply with our emissions and crash standards simply make it an uneconomical option, given the relatively small sales numbers the vehicle would likely generate.

So it looks like, if you want an oil burning Cayenne in our neck of the woods, you’ll have to stick with the six-cylinder version.

[Source Car and Driver]