Scion FR-S Sales to Double Those of Subaru BRZ Says Brand Boss

While Subaru is targeting 5,000 units for its new BRZ sports car, Scion believes its version of the joint Toyota-Subaru project will more than double that forecast.

Speaking at a drive event for the car in Las Vegas, Scion brand boss Jack Hollis pegged sales for the new rear-drive sports car at 10,000 units for the year, with the FR-S going on sale June 1st. The following year, Hollis said he expects to double that number to 20,000 units, roughly equal to the number of tC models moved last year.

With the outrageous hype surrounding the car, Hollis even hinted that internal estimates might be cautious. “We’re confident we will sell every one we can get our hands on,” he remarked, adding that the FR-S has had 27,000 “hand raisers.”

When questioned further about the natural tendency of coupes to have dramatic sales declines by their third year, Hollis deferred to Scion FR-S/Toyota GT 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada who commented that by that time he expects to have something else to keep sales high. Both Hollis and Tada refused to speak on the topic of a higher performance FR-S, though Tada has in the past admitted that an FR-S Roadster is in the works.

Exactly who will be buying the FR-S? Hollis explains that the group will be a higher percentage of males, with a higher household income than current Scion buyers and will likely be new to the brand. Speaking to another Scion rep we were told that the ratio of manual transmission takers compared to those who choose an automatic is expected to be 50/50, while early preorders put the stick shift sales at 70 percent.

On the topic of buyers Hollis added that the reason for the influx of buyers new to the brand is that they’ll be motivated by the driving enjoyment that the FR-S delivers, regardless of its price.”Those who can afford any sports car they want,” he said, will opt for the FR-S simply because, “it’s fun to drive.”

Exactly how much fun? Read our recent review here to find out.

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