1974 Mazda RX-4 is the Rotary Powered Wagon to Lust After – Retro Resale


Present-day fans of Mazda‘s rotary engine probably have two cars come immediately to mind: the Mazda RX-7 and RX-8. Both feature the Wankel found in the brand’s cars since the lat 60’s.

Just in case a 1974 RX-4 isn’t the car you’ve been boning up on in your spare time, here are a few fast facts. Only sold from 1974-78, the RX-4 was seen as a significant improvement over the RX-3. It had a more efficient version of the rotary engine, which made 110 hp and got better fuel consumption than its predecessor.

The wagon model, seen here, was said to suffer during braking because it was somewhat heavier than the sedan model. According according to the car’s owner, this particular RX-4 has been well-maintained in California and only put through two owners (including its present one).

In this case the car isn’t stock, but doesn’t seem to have been heavily modified either — an auto journalist’s dream. Sure, there are some questionable-looking wheels and an aftermarket exhaust, but for the most part the car looks unmolested.

It also has a rebuilt and upgraded engine that the owner says makes a lot of power. There’s a big tuning community centered around rotaries, though he also says the car hasn’t ever been raced and doesn’t list power figures.

With a little bit of time, this could end up being an interesting piece to keep in a garage, either restored or just completed with a headliner and trim. If you’re interested, click here to go to the auction.