2013 BMW M5 Six-Speed Manual Revealed

BMW just revealed that there will be a no-cost optional six-speed manual for its 2013 M5 sports sedan, giving old-guard driving fans something smoking hot to dream of and hopefully drive.

At a private event in Santa Barbara, Calif., the automaker showed the setup, which gets one less gear than the seven-speed DCT mentioned in the car’s order guide we brought you late last month.

The first two months worth of production, which begins this summer, are already sold out.

“Worldwide only one in every 100 customers wants a manual M5, but strangely the demand in the US is much higher. It’s a kudos thing, it’s about having something rarer and more collectable,” said Matt Russel, U.S. brand manager for BMW’s M Division.

Running through the same differential as the dual-clutch transmission, the manual is actually a tenth of a second slower in the 0-60 mph sprint because it doesn’t have launch control.

Given the assumed 560-hp 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 we’re expecting under the hood, it’s probably going to be tough to care about that fraction when the car lunges forward as the clutch pedal comes up.

[Source: AutoExpress]