2013 Ford Escape Launch on Schedule Despite Hail Damage

2013 Ford Escape Launch on Schedule Despite Hail Damage

Despite suffering hailstorm damage to 3,500 new 2013 Ford Escapes, the SUV’s launch is still right on schedule according to the American automaker.

On April 28, a severe hailstorm damaged thousands of brand new Escapes at Ford’s Louisville, Ky. assembly plant but a spokesperson for Ford, Todd Nissen, confirms that the incident won’t delay the launch of the all-new crossover. Ford is currently still assessing the damage caused by the hailstorm and said that affected vehicles will not be sold to dealers as new.

The automaker hasn’t determined what they will do with the affected vehicles yet, but all that matters is keeping the launch on schedule for Ford.

So far this year, Ford has built 11,000 new Escapes and began shipping them to dealerships several weeks ago.

“We’ll be able to recover, over time, our production volume as we go through the launch of the vehicle and as the plant continues to ramp up,” Nissen said.

[Source: Automotive News]