Atlanta City Council Bans Drifting

Atlanta City Council Bans Drifting

Atlanta’s city council recently passed an amendment that made several changes to the city’s noise ordinance, directly targeting drifting.

The amendment prohibits car drifting on private property within 1,000 feet of a residentially zoned district, stating that “car drifting produces excessive noise which is a nuisance to residential neighborhoods.” While its obvious that drifting makes a ruckus, the decision might be slightly misplaced because it discourages amateur drifting events designed to keep such activity contained in a safe environment.

This amendment won’t impact the Formula Drift Atlanta event since that takes place at Road Atlanta, which is outside city limits. But Atlanta is known for hosting many grassroots drifting events in local parking lots – legally of course – to help keep it off the streets. A petition has been setup to veto the ordinance amendment, which tries to fight back by stating that autocross events, Gymkhana events, and even automotive dealership test drive events are not being targeted in the amendment yet potentially produce the same amount of noise.

[Source: Wrecked Magazine]