Cadillac Escalade to Remain in Future Lineup

Rap lovers won’t be pouring any Olde English out over the Cadillac Escalade just yet because the brand has decided to keep it alive.

Despite the re-imagined brand image starting with the ATS entry-level luxury sedan and the high-end XTS, GM will continue to produce the full-sized Escalade SUV based on the Chevrolet Silverado. As one of the few remaining body-on-frame SUVs, the truck will be one of the last bastions of the once wildly popular American sport utility vehicle.

Until recently, it seemed the Escalade, perceived to be gaudy and unpalatable to most luxury buyers, would be scrapped to help the brand compete with companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. While the Escalade has long been a popular seller, the hard truth was that for every one buyer, four potential clients walked away because of the growingly ridiculous hip-hop culture cropping up around General Motors’ luxury badge.

As fuel prices continue their merciless rise, and industry analysts predict a hike to $5 per gallon within a year’s time, the ponderous Escalade began to increasingly like a thirsty dinosaur marching to extinction much like the Hummer.

Despite that, demand for the Escalade remained strong, persuading Cadillac to keep it in the ranks despite pervious hesitation. It isn’t clear yet when you can expect to see a new version, but a 2015 model appearing sometime in 2014 seems like a reasonable date to expect given the age of the current model and how much the automaker already has to worry about with new model introduction.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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