Fisker Atlantic Leaked Document Reveals Specs, Production Delay

Investor information on the mostly-mysterious Fisker Atlantic is shedding a little light on what’s actually going on with the controversial company’s second car

Information in the documents confirm that the car will cost between $50,000 and $60,000, slotting it to compete with cars like a higher-end BMW 335i or Audi S4. The Atlantic will also aim for around 300 hp and will use a specially-tuned BMW turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Battery size and range weren’t included in the document, but it seems A123 will continue to supply them. Given that company’s financial problems after supplying faulty batteries for the Karma and the resulting production slowdown, the next bit of news isn’t really surprising.

It seems production, which was originally expected to be underway this year with cars being made available for 2013, will be delayed. That slowdown comes in part because of delayed confirmation that the automaker will, in fact, be able to use the Wilmington, Del. plant it had planned to retool.

Delays in battery production would obviously hamper overall assembly too, so as long as A123 has problems it seems Fisker will probably suffer too. The latest information suggests that production of a prototype will be delayed until mid 2013, pushing actual production back until 2014, meaning the Atlantic isn’t likely to arrive as anything earlier than a 2015 model.

Watch AutoGuide’s video of the first look at the Fisker Atlantic here. 

[Source: Inside EVs]

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