Mercedes-Benz A-Class Interior Explained by Designer in Video


The Mercedes-Benz A-Class bowed at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show with a refreshed modern style, only this time in a small package. The interior of the A-Class follows in line with other Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and looks to capture comfort and a high-level of class and sophistication. In the video, interior designer Jan Kaul says that the look was very much modeled after aviation, as well as a keep it simple approach.

The car featured in the video is the A25 AMG variant, so the interior is loaded with full infotainment center, and yet it still looks relatively uncluttered.

The new A-Class marks the first time that such a small Mercedes-Benz car will be sold here in the States. Watch the video below to see the interior of the new Mercedes-Benz A class explained.

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