NASCAR Explained in Infographic


As the second most popular sport in America, someone from outside the country might assume that most people understand Nascar. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few of us who happen upon a race while channel surfing and see little more than a lot of left turns and the occasional explosion. 

Quicken Loans is hoping to change that by releasing an infographic to tackle the motorsport ignorance that plagues so many Americans. Nascar is America’s televised sports holy grail second only to the NFL, and this famous yet complicated sport packs a lot of information into one race.

The tracks, the drivers, the rules and oh good God those ambiguous flags — with all that in motion it’s no wonder some people have trouble keeping up. With the NASCAR season well underway, you might have already found yourself wondering what it all means. If you fall under that category, scroll down and read through the visual explanation. It’s much easier than having your uncle Earl explain it after he’s got beer breath.

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