Nissan Plans Four EVs Over Next Three Years

Nissan is planning to significantly increase its electric car offering over the next three years, introducing three all-new models and an updated version of the original Leaf EV.

Set to arrive this Fall at the Paris Motor Show, the Leaf will receive updates and is expected to get varied price levels which should help make it more attainable for those on a tighter budget.

Next to arrive will be the e-NV200, based on the concept car with the same name, first shown at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. It’s expected to go on sale in late 2013.

Following closely afterward will be the production version of the Infiniti LE Concept, which was only recently unveiled at the New York Auto Show . Also based on the Leaf powertrain, the LE Concept makes use of much lighter components to help improve performance and stay true to the Infiniti brand mandate. It’s also expected to be the first production electric car to come with a wireless charging pad.

Finally, in 2015, Nissan will take a big step in expanding its EV offerings with a new car code named “Symbol”. A youth-oriented commuter car, it’s expected to draw heavily from Nissan’s PIVO concepts, the most recent of which (the PIVO 3) was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show and which can even valet park itself.

Absent from the list, however, is an electric sports car, based off the Esflow concept, suggesting Nissan may have either de-prioritized production of that model or halted development entirely.

GALLERY: Nissan PIVO 3 Concept


GALLERY: Nissan e-NV200 Concept


GALLERY: Infiniti LE Concept


[Source: AutoExpress]

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