Red Bull Launches ‘Racing Spy’ App

Have you heard the big news in Formula One? No, not that Mark Webber just won the Monaco Grand Prix, but that Red Bull has launched its ‘Racing Spy’ app, bringing plenty of Formula One goodness to your favorite Apple device.

The Red Bull Racing Spy app has a plethora of Formula One knowledge, driver facts, and all the gossip you would want whether it’s coming from the Paddock, pit lane, or on the track. All of the data is brought to you by the ‘Red Bull Racing Spy’ who has gained some underground notoriety on Twitter by providing inside information to the current Formula One champs.

To make it even more interactive and not so one-sided, the app also allows its users to quiz the spy, asking him anything Formula One related or to even lay down a challenge and see his responses in the feed.

You’ll also get all your run-of-the-mill Formula One info including lap-by-lap track positioning, race specific facts and figures, driver and constructor championship standing, and a full race calendar. It’s pretty much a must-have for any Formula One fan.