Saab Enthusiasts Setup Online Donation to Buy the Last Saab Produced

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The saga of Saab‘s bankruptcy seems to be never ending, but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of Saab enthusiasts. The last Saab 9-3 Griffin is scheduled to come off the production line at the end of this month, and SaabsUnited is hoping to purchase the vehicle and place it at the Saab Cars Museum.

The museum was recently saved from being liquidated, and the members over at SaabsUnited believes that the final production 9-3 belongs in a museum. SaabsUnited has been allowed to reserve the car and its plan is to purchase it outright through the help of donations. Even though the donation process is straightforward – gather up enough money to purchase the vehicle outright – the logistics behind the 9-3 residing at the museum isn’t as clear cut.

One person must remain the legal guardian of the vehicle as the car won’t technically belong to the museum. Those spearheading the donation however have already discussed the matter of a contract to have the 9-3 remain at the Saab Cars Museum for at least five years with hopes to renew that contract continuously. In hopes to ensure that it remains there indefinitely, the contract has been written so that the guardian will not be able to move the 9-3 without the museum’s approval, and the museum will not be able to move the vehicle without the guardian’s approval. So in essence, it will remain at the museum forever.

It’s great to see Saab enthusiasts donating to the cause without getting anything back. Donators will get credit with their name on a big board that will be on display next to the car. Based on the comments, some have already made generous donations to the cause, with one member putting in almost $400. It appears there has already been over 75 donations received so the cause is already well on its way.

[Source: SaabsUnited]

Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Adam Adam on May 01, 2012

    This article was very poorly written. I did not understand the need for the complicated discussion about contracts to posses the 9-3. You basically wasted a paragraph going back and forth with yourself when you could have summarized that more simply in one or two sentences. Also the sentence where you wrote "Its great to see Saab enthusiasts donating to the cause without getting anything back." doesn't quite make sense. You aren't supposed to "get anything back" from a donation. That's what a donation is. If you were getting something back, you would call that a purchase. Then you go on to describe how they will all have their names on a big board next to the car. How is that not getting anything out of the donation?Evidently, I'm not the editor of this website, but if I was I would be ashamed I let this be posted. Sorry to be a hater but come on man.