2013 Porsche Carrera 4, 4S Release Hinted by EPA


Details about the 2013 Porsche 911 line are expected to be revealed at or before this year’s Paris Auto Show, but fuel milage numbers  for the Carrera 4 and 4S are now available online.

Given that the EPA numbers are surfacing, it’s reasonable to expect that the 4 and 4S will probably be the next of the 2013 911 model line to go on sale.

When that happens, there will be two different engines, just like the rear-drive Carrera and Carrera S. Those engines carry over exactly as you would expect, with the smaller 3.4-liter flat six jumping from the Carrera getting 20 and 28 mpg in the city and on the highway when paired with the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox sitting in the coupe version. Switching to the manual sacrifices a single mpg from both the city and highway scores.

Opting for the convertible knocks a little milage off, but not much. Having the privilege to go topless cuts highway mileage down to 27 with the automatic and 26 with the manual.

The hotter Carrera 4S comes with a 3.8-liter engine expected to make power on car with a supercar, possibly more than 530 hp. Still, with all that the EPA is estimating the automatic will get 19/26 mpg in the city and on the open road. The manual version stays at 18 mpg in the city — the same as last year, but squeaks out an extra mile on the highway for 26 mpg.