Auto Theft Rates Continue to Decline in America

A National Insurance Crime Bureau study shows that overall car theft in the United States declined in 2011, and is continuing on a downward slope. 

A 3.3 percent decline in auto theft was reported in 2011, and the report shows that the rate of stolen vehicles is actually at the lowest point it has been at since the 1960’s.

But while the overall trend is positive, there are still some specific cars and county’s that are much more likely to see thieves. Corvette’s in particular are mentioned, with the NICB reporting that one in ten Vette’s has been stolen over the last 30 years. The west coast seems to harbor most of the car crime hot spots, with California alone housing seven of the top ten on the list. Fresno, California rates as the worst area in the US for car crime.

The statistics are interesting when you consider the economic downturn that the country has recently come through, which is normally thought to drive up the rate of crime. The falling car thefts can be attributed to better security systems, and services such as OnStar which can track and disable a vehicle from a remote location.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]