BMW 7-Speed Manual Transmission Might be Coming

BMW 7-Speed Manual Transmission Might be Coming

Patent images surfacing online suggest BMW might be exploring the idea of a seven-speed manual transmission, which is believable considering Porsche already offers one in its 911.   

Filed last year, the images show that BMW is working on a system to solve one of the most common problems with manual transmissions boasting many gears: incorrect shifts. As the number of available gears increases, the space available for shifting is reduced. That, in turn, can make for difficult gear selection.

BMW hopes to solve that but using a special fluid capable of changing viscosity in tandem with sensors and applying electricity to block the driver from sliding into the wrong shift gate.

If the pictures aren’t just rumors and the brand actually brings a seven-speed manual to market in competition with Porsche, we could see another evolution of BMWs with the fun-to-drive standard transmission and even better fuel economy.

[Source: E90 Post]