BMW Store in Paris Marks New Direction for Brand

Sami Haj-Assaad
by Sami Haj-Assaad
le 23/05/2012 Soiree BMW SoirAe BMW Brand Store Av Georges V Paris 8

Earlier this week, BMW celebrated the grand opening of a new dealership on Avenue George-V, in Paris. The new location is a bit different than a traditional dealership in many ways, and marks a new direction for the brand.

The store was designed by an architect named Eric Carlson, who is famous for his designs of flagship luxury retail stores around the world.

BMW hopes to reach out to shoppers in their own environments, and this new BMW Store is just one element of the brands “Future Retail” strategy. The strategy also aims to increase contact with customers and prospective buyers, and enhance the retail experience, all while providing traditional BMW service.

“We will now build upon our strengths and implement a comprehensive programme named Future Retail,” said Ian Robertson, part of BMW sales and marketing. “This will entail a whole range of initiatives and tools designed to enhance the customer experience and to set new standards for retail in the automotive industry and beyond.”

The new strategy also involves MINI, and it’s expected that a similar MINI store will be opening up in the near future. Additionally, BMW has committed to other form of reaching out to customers and shoppers with a new online presence and social media activities, as well as a more appealing showroom appearance.

You can expect to see a new member at dealerships, a ‘Product Genius’ who BMW says will provide support with in-depth product knowledge and enable the customer to better utilize and configure products as they need. The product genius will be equipped with a tablet in order to show films to help explain products and features. It sounds a lot like what we see in retail Apple stores.

“When it comes to recruiting and enabling the right people for the implementation of future retail, we will assist our dealers to attract, develop and retain the industry’s best professionals,” said Robertson of the product genius role.

Countries that are planned for the roll-out of the future retail initiative, as well as the product genius, are France, UK, China and the Netherlands.

Check out the full gallery below to see what to expect from future BMW Brand Stores:

GALLERY: BMW Brand Store in Paris

Sami Haj-Assaad
Sami Haj-Assaad

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