Ferrari 458-Powered Fiat 500 is a Juke R Killer

Ferrari 458-Powered Fiat 500 is a Juke R Killer

Before gasoline-electric hybrids became a staple of the automotive world, enthusiasts referred to a ‘hybrid’ as a vehicle sporting an engine from a different car, shoehorned to fit in order to give a smaller chassis more power.

These days, the art of engine transplants is still popular, but this concept from Lazzarini Design takes it over the top. When one dreams, you might as well dream big, and that’s exactly what Lazzarini Design did with this custom Fiat 500.

Now before we go one, this isn’t real… yet. The tuning firm is soliciting anyone with over half a million dollars to make this dream become a reality.

The numbers seem a little bit off, but Lazzarini’s concept widens the rear of the Fiat 500 by almost 12 inches on each side (they said 300 mm, we think it should be more like 30 mm) while the front would be widened by a tad under eight inches (again, probably more like 20 mm and not 200 mm) on each side. The wheelbase would be lengthened by 12 inches to accommodate its new powerplant: a 4.5-liter V8 taken from a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Outrageous? Absolutely! What’s even funnier is the fact that Lazzarini Design said that it would detune the powerplant from 570-hp to 550-hp to help balance the car during “fast shift operations.” It also wants to lighten the load down to 2,200 lbs making this widebody Fiat 500 boast the craziest horsepower-to-weight ratio imaginable.

We have to applaud all the thought and work that went into these renderings. And if this was to become a reality, it would probably be pretty insane. Too bad it isn’t April 1st, this studio is serious.

GALLERY: Lazzarini Design Ferrari 458-Powered Fiat 500


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