Ferrari Parade is Largest in History: 600 Cars

Aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Ferrari cars, the Italian automaker will attempt to assemble some 600 of its exotic masterpieces to drive together during this year’s Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone Circuit on September 15.

The company set a previous record with 385 cars in 2007 at the same event, but that number has since been beaten. The current record is 490 cars, though the brand is aiming to break that number by a big margin. Instead of topping by a few, the company has already registered 600 cars to take part in the event but is hoping to hit 1,000 before the scheduled date this fall. Aside from aiming for a new record, the marque will also make a  £5 donation to BEN, the auto industry’s charity.

Aside from seeing what already promises to be a world record-breaking event, fans will also get the chance to see both the FXX and 599XX development cars driving on the track. For those  able to attend, tickets cost £15 in advance and kids under 15 get in for free.