Ford Traffic Jam Assist is One Step Closer to Autonomous Driving

Today, Ford announced that it is developing a feature called Traffic Jam Assist, bringing the car automaker one step closer to having a self-driving car.

Taking existing technologies such as parking assist, Lane Keeping Aid, PowerShift and cruise control and bringing them to the next level, Traffic Jam Assist enables a car to maintain pace with other vehicles on the road automatically.

The purpose of Traffic Jam Assist, along with a further development of active parking assist, which will enable vehicles to park perpendicularly without touching the wheel, is to reduce the everyday stress of motoring, especially for those who endure heavy commutes. Traffic Jam Assist works by using cameras and radar technology to enable the vehicle to maintain pace and space on the roadway.

According to Joseph Urhahne, an engineer with Ford Research and Innovation, motorists on average “spend more than 30 percent of their time in heavy traffic.” He says that via Traffic Jam Assist, the whole heavy traffic commuting thing could become “a more relaxing experience and by keeping pace with the flow of traffic, potentially help relieve road congestion.” LA’s 405 Freeway will never be the same again.

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