Formula One V6 Engines Approved for 2014 Le Mans Series


With the 24 Hours of Le Mans coming up, an announcement is expected to come stating new regulations for the 2014 season.

One of the expected regulations is the approval of new generation of Formula One V6 engines that can be installed for use in LMP1 class cars. Maximum engine capacity will also be increased to 5.0-liters from the current 3.7-liters. The new rules will also mean big changes for Audi which will have to go back to the drawing board since its variable geometry turbochargers found on its R18 will be banned.

Maximum boost pressure will be set at 4-bar (58 psi) and engines will no longer have air restrictors, but rather cars will be limited on the energy they use per lap through a fuel flow meter.

The addition of Formula One V6 engines will give certain teams a shortcut into Le Mans – such as Ferrari and Mercedes. Not having to develop another engine program for Le Mans will be a huge plus. Not only that, LMP1 cars can now be used for testing those same Formula One powerplants, especially since Formula One testing is tightly restricted.

[Source: Racecar Engineering]

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Ryan says:

while interesting, Formula One engines are designed to last a touch over 6 hours of race time, and there’s not a single track on the F1 calendar that has as much open throttle as Le Mans, even proportionately. If F1 teams come into LMP1, expect it only from the most wealthy or most reliable of teams.