KTM X-Bow to Add Doors and Windshield

Perhaps in preparation for its U.S. market debut, KTM will be adding doors and a windshield to its X-Bow model.

KTM is still evaluating the possibility of selling the X-Bow in America, especially once its equipped with a windshield and a pair of doors. In addition, the Austrian-based company is looking into developing a pseudo-roof that will attach to the new windshield to help give passengers some cover from the natural environment. For now, it appears that the roof will only be usable at speeds under 80 mph, so not exactly functional for track use.

Undoubtedly the KTM X-Bow is one of the most fun experiences one can have behind the wheel of any machine, and we anxiously await its arrival to America. We expect to see the updated X-Bow sometime next year, perhaps at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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