Lamborghini Earthquake Shutdown Discussed

Production screeched to a halt for several Italian automakers including Lamborghini after earthquakes shook the country starting May 20. Finally, Lamborghini is offering insight to how its line was actually affected by the disaster.

It turns out that the factory wasn’t damaged at all. Instead, production stopped because some of the key parts suppliers for the Aventador were affected. While the supercar manufacturer won’t suffer any damage to its products, there is a good chance production on further Aventadors will be delayed as those suppliers recover.

That delay might also be exaggerated by the company’s decision to grant holiday allowances to those employees that live in and around the epicenter. The brand will directly help individual employees who were directly affected.

Finally, Lamborghini said it will donate money to help rebuild five student laboratories that are part of area school centers and were damaged during the disaster.

[Source: GT Spirit]

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