Lexus LFA Sold Out – Almost


Horsepower keeps climbing, sports cars outperform each other year after year and with so many new toys breaking into the market it’s hard to keep a sense of wonder about any of the latest supercars – a problem Lexus tackled differently than the Italians its LFA competes with.

That approach was never a secret, but the reality is finally coming into focus as one company official reports that the remaining cars available for sale are dwindling into the single digits.

With less than 10 left, the fortunate few who can afford the car’s $375,000 had better scoot to own one before they slip into an undisclosed climate-controlled private garage.

Lexus is far from the first brand to offer a limited-run sports car, but for a combination of reasons, te carbon fiber LFA made a bigger, or maybe just more visible, splash than most.

Anyone who has been to an auto show knows exclusive supercars are ironically about as common as mud in those gatherings, but Lexus had a leg up on niche automakers and Italian supercar craftsman. As a Toyota subsidiary it has the capitol and product line to fall back on regardless of how the LFA sold.

Needless to say, the V10-powered LFA and its 9,000-rpm redline didn’t really have any trouble finding buyers but the sad part of the story is that it’s almost over. We’ve heard rumors from well placed sources that an LFA II is in the works, but for now that’s something company representatives are denying.

[Source: the Detroit Bureau]