Lotus CEO Dany Bahar Axed from Company


After a recent suspension for misconduct, CEO of Lotus Danny Bahar has been officially cut from the company. 

Lotus has been in the media a lot recently after the announcement that the company was supposed to be sold, followed by a rebuke and announcement that everything was fine. Then, word went out saying that production was halted indefinitely due to funding issues. Clearly a lot has been happening at the company, although most of it was held under relatively tight wraps.

Adding to the media frenzy surrounding Lotus is the dismissal of CEO Danny Bahar. There is no official word on why, the only clue we have is the ‘misconduct’ that he was suspended for. Apparently he was being investigated for refurbishing several personal houses on the companies dollar.

Lotus has already named Aslam Farikullah as the new CEO of the company.

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