Scion Explains Torsen Limited-Slip Differential

Scion recently released a video explaining one of the key components to its new FR-S rear-drive sport coupe: the torsen limited-slip differential. 

Sure, the car is meant to be attainable for a crowd of younger drivers and yes, there are certainly people in the world don’t know this stuff, but are they the types to spend time online reading about cars? Maybe, and that’s why we’re bringing you Scion’s spoon-fed explanation of how it’s (and every other) rear end of that sort works.

Torsen is a contraction of torque-sensing, which make sense when you realize that the differential (which governs power delivery between the transmisison and wheels) uses torque to know when to cut power. Enough of that, though. Watch the two-minute video, which offers a visual explanation.

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