Toyota Keeps its Title as Best Global Green Brand

For the second year in a row, Toyota has been named Best Global Green Brand by Interbrand, a worldwide company that is devoted to brand management. This title is not just for car makers, as Toyota was competing with every other major global company. 

The Japanese manufacturer is not the only car maker on the list of top 50 Green Brands. Honda is third, Volkswagen came in at fourth and BMW is in tenth place ahead of Ford, Mercedes-BenzHyundai and Nissan, who placed 15th, 16th, 17th and 21st respectively.

According to the report, Toyota owes its success to “a powerful halo effect generated by the success and long-term visibility of the Prius, which, in many people’s minds, has become synonymous with the term ‘hybrid’.” The Prius has grown from a slow-selling, single model that debuted in the U.S. in 2000 to the best selling hybrid in the world and the flagship of its own model line. Toyota now sells a long-wheelbase version, dubbed PriusV, a plug-in model and a less-expensive, smaller hatchback, badged as the PriusC.

This is Nissan’s first appearance on this list and this success can largely be attributed to the sales of the Nissan Leaf and it’s quick-charging stations. Public perception is a large part of this process as companies actual environmental policies are scored and contrasted against the public perception of these policies and actions.

According to the report, the rankings are ultimately determined by the actions and efforts taken by companies to “improve the quality of human life while living within the limits of supporting ecosystems. More specifically, sustainability requires the reconciliation of environmental, social equity, and economic demands known as the three pillars of sustainability. These three pillars, more popularly referred to as the “triple bottom line,” serve as the basis for various sustainability standards and certification systems and guide numerous organizations on the path to greener, more responsible ways of doing business.”

See Interpath for the full report.